TEXT: LUKE 2:41-52

A man of mandate has no time for the things of the flesh; he’s always for God and wanting more of Him. You will never seen him idle or loaf around, he’s always busy and for God. When you are looking for such a man, you will find him studying to equip himself. He is not interested in proofing a point, but to always reveal who God is. He knows that his assignment is urgent and must do everything to bring it to pass. He careless about self, only cares about his father’s business; he will never be comfortable with sin except the things of the Spirit. He has weakness and always ready to work on his weakness; and will never manipulate or build on the weaknesses of others to succeed in his assignments. He understands the implication. A man of mandate is ready to take up responsibility.

Jesus as a young boy went to the feast of the Passover with His parents as a custom, in this particular year, He stood behind not to play around, but to have discussion with teachers and doctors of the law, to understand His mandate and His environment. His parents while looking for Him checked with the family members, friends and acquaintances but found Him not; a man of mandate knows what’s at stake. He is always with God and knows the mind of God concerning a matter. A man of mandate sees things differently, and will never be moved when people did not buy his idea, for he knew that the idea will later sell and people will still come around when they come to their senses. He’s calm, cool and contented.

Saul who breathed threats against the Gospel and Christians in Jerusalem was later found to be useful for God, he never saw Christ while He was on earth maybe because of his location at that time, but a few year or less than a year after Christ ascension, he was everywhere to kill and destroy; but the mercy of God located him on the road to Damascus where he had an encounter with Christ. That was the only thing Saul who later became Paul needed to shake his own world, he was not among the Apostles selected by Jesus but became Apostles to the gentiles, wrote more than half of the New Testament, healed the sick, disputed with authority and preached the Gospel all over including planting a church in the house of Caesar. As a man of mandate, he never gave any excuse, faced with many challenges on the land and on the seas but never complained about his condition. He was sold out for God, good and Christ. He was a man of the Word, mighty in words and deed; even Peter made reference to his hard saying. He was indeed a man after God’s heart.

For every man God brought to this world, He gave them mandates to fulfil for common good of all. Is your mandate blessing God and His people? Are you not commercializing the gift of God on your life believing God cannot reward you in His time? A man of mandate never think of himself, but rather think about others and God. God is always with a man of mandate and will always get favour with God and man, he can never be stranded. What is your own mandate? Today, have a quiet place to ruminate about your existence and what you must accomplish for God whether secular or spiritual, Heaven is waiting for you. Mark the perfect man, beholds the upright, for the end of that man is peace. Shalom!

Word Affirmation: “And Jesus increased in wisdom and stature, and in favour with God and man." - Luke 2:52 (Don't just say it, mean it!)

“A man of mandate never think of himself, but rather think about others and God."
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