There was a prophecy that the Messiah would be born in Bethlehem several years before Jesus was born, but many people and those He (Jesus) helped called Him, Jesus of Nazareth. How come? It is a practice in some tribes to bear the name of their towns, so I believe if Jesus was to be called by His place of birth, it suppose to be Jesus of Bethlehem, but not so. When Jesus was born and the Angel of God announced to the wise men, Herod was told a New King has been born and before he could carry out his dastardly act, Joseph was warned in a dream to take the Child away to Egypt and when Herod died, Joseph could not return to Bethlehem anymore, but found solace in Nazareth. Beloved, the battle that is confronting you daily is a matter of environment. Environment is the greatest issue in accomplishing or operating your mandate, you don’t stay in an environment that is contrary to your vision. If you have tried to make meaning in your environment and the situation is not changing, it is time to take off.

Environment can be anything; it can be your job, office, house (even if you are the owner), country, association, course and many more. Jesus was born by the Spirit, the Angels announced His birth and as supernatural as He was/is, I believe He can continue to stay in Bethlehem. Assuming that His foster father did not listen to the instruction, Herod would waste Him and the rest of the children in that land; His destiny, mandate, purpose and vision would be destroyed. Maybe by now, we would still be waiting for another messiah. If Jesus could not stay in one environment to fulfil His destiny, it is wisdom most times to change location or environment.

Those who know you inside out are an environmental factor. Joseph could not operate his mandate in his own father’s house, God who knew the heart of men orchestrated events against Joseph’s environment, before he could operate his mandate to the fullest, he changed environment four times, from the Ishmaelite to Portiphar’s house, to prison and finally to the palace. Don’t be deceived, you need a good environment to fulfilling vision. There is nothing you can achieve under a toxic environment; there is nothing you can achieve in a place where nothing good is seeing in you. You will never go far in an environment that just wants to use you. You need a change of location for your allocation to come to you.

It is equally impossible to live under the sin atmosphere and expect to live a righteous life; you need to remove yourself from such environment. Leave and run away from such location. Jesus fulfilled prophecy by changing location, so it is not a sin when you have a leading to change environment. You need a good soil for a great harvest. In the Parable of the Sower, until the sower got a good land, he never reaped a bountiful harvest (Matthew 13:1-9). He who hath hear, let him ear. You might have a good idea, you equally need a good, fertile location to turn it to wealth, if not the idea and the owner of the idea can be wasted because the place you are is not your location. God does not even encourage a life to stay in one location, from Abraham you will see people migrated to fulfil their destinies, where any man God is interested in wanted to change rightful location, He appeared to stop them. If you have a leading to move to a new city, country, what is stopping you? Go ahead.

Word Affirmation: “But blessed are your eyes, for they see: and your ears, for they hear - Matthew 13:16 (Don't just say it, mean it!)

“There is nothing you can achieve under a toxic environment; there is nothing you can achieve in a place where nothing good is seeing in you."
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