It is not enough to know the Word or Will of God, for what knowledge or level you come into, you must ask, “What next?” Nehemiah was in the palace, he had every tendency to pretend as if nothing happened in Jerusalem; he was eaten out of the daily provision of the king's meat, and of the wine as appointed by the king. He had escaped poverty, hardship and scarcity by the virtue of his position as the king cupbearer; but he refused to live his affluence and became a welfare seeker (those that seek the good of others always cut in the web of the best), anybody that make the people, especially God’s people his value will surely prosper. From people such will gain profit, wealth, prosperity and posterity; Nehemiah saw beyond his place and position, he saw the throne in Jerusalem and realized somebody was not seen what God saw about the Holy City. Nehemiah represents a set of people who knows the Word, the Will of God and responds accordingly.

There is another set of people in this passage that you need to learn from, they are rulers, the priests, the nobles, and the Jews living in Jerusalem but never saw what was wrong about the land. They are children of God, great and honourable men in the church, elders and church leaders who saw no reason why the city must be rebuilt. This set of people hears the Word of God daily, have strong faith in God, waiting for the restoration of the Kingdom, but never deemed it fit to fix what’s God’s and His people. The Children of God must strive to have discerning spirit to know what God wants per time. Nehemiah came all the way from Shushan in Babylon, walked round the city and yet those elders, rulers, priests did not know anything. They all have the privilege of becoming the governor of the city, but wasted the opportunity until another man came from a far country to show them want they needed to do and became their governor. All these people who lived in the city at this time never sought for the good of the city and that of the people, even though they later joined to build, somebody had already taken the initiative and by that became their leader. It’s not enough to wear cassock, offer sacrifices or preach messages, once you receive God’s revelation take the lead in fulfilling it. There lies your profit.

The third set of people are those in opposition, the Sanbalat and Tobias; they know what to do, but will never do it. They will never give a hand of support, their words were never seasoned with salt; and will never seek the good of others. They are everywhere; definitely, you will see them either in a small group or large; you will be surprised who they are. Therefore, which group do you belong, the welfare seekers, the welfare takers or the welfare ‘opposers’? If you indeed want to prosper, you must love the people; wealth, opportunity, profit, favour, etc are with the people. Each and everyone must make people our priority, there we can profit. What is God’s priority? The people! What’s Christ priority, the people? What is your own priority? If you hate a people, tribe or language; to receive their favour will be too difficult. If you love the people, you will go out for evangelism and win their souls for God. To be ahead, reach out to people around you, you will surely prosper.

Word Affirmation: “Remember me, O my God, for good" – Nehemiah 13:31 (Don't just say it, mean it!)

“It’s not enough to wear cassock, offer sacrifices or preach messages, once you receive God’s revelation take the lead in fulfilling it. There lies your profit."
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