Do you use what you have at hand to take people out of bondage or you use it to take them into it? Everybody is holding something, you either use it for good or otherwise; whether you are aware or not, there is something in your hand. Nobody can complain that he hasn’t been blessed, whether with time, money, house(s), car(s), child(ren), beauty, opportunity(ies), position or power; you have something. There is something placed in your hands by God, no doubt about that; but what you are using it for is the focus for today’s topic. What are you using the rod in your hand for? For God or the devil?

Moses was tending flock which belonged to his father-in-law at the back of the desert, how he got the rod nobody knows; but one can conclude that he had instrument, tool to work with in taking care of his flock. He was using his rod for good purpose and when God came to give him a new assignment, He found the rod in Moses’ hand to be very useful. When the Lord asked Moses to throw the rod to the ground, it became a snake (Exodus 3). The rod in your hand can do much more than you think if God overshadow it and you too are ready to use it for God. Peter had a rod and that was his ship and net, he turned it over to Jesus, the rest is history (Luke 5)

But human beings easily forget the goodness of God, when God do something for them, they never think about asking for what purpose. You see someone when God blessed him with a car, the next thing is to be looking for cheap ladies around town, play ungodly music and disturbing the peace of the community. He has forgotten it is just a rod and if only he will allow God, the rod in his hands will do better things. Young ladies, instead of using their beauty to glorify God, before you know it they are out there jumping from one boyfriend to another; they have forgotten that their beauty is a gift and a rod from God. The same beauty can be used for things positive and bring honour to God if they so wish, but no, they want to enjoy life.

Beloved, what is it that you have or God has blessed you with? Are you using it for the glory of God or you too are part of bad wagon who doesn’t know that what they have is to praise God and honour His holy name. The harp in David’s hands was used to proclaim the name of God, he wrote many psalms. Enoch used his time for God and was no more because he walked with God and God took him, he did not see death. Enoch saw his time as a rod (Genesis 5:21-24). Whatever you have, do or become is a rod that can do more than you imagine if only you channel it to God. God cannot buy you a car and the music will hear from that car is worldly, that’s a great error. God cannot give you a child and s/he become wayward because of lack of training, it is because you have forgotten that s/he is a rod. Whatever the Almighty placed in your hand, gift, talent, time, money, car, etc use it for Him in order to have more from Him.

Word Affirmation: “And I will give this people favour in the sight of the Egyptians. And it shall be that when you go, you shall not go empty." - Exodus 3:21 (Don't just say it, mean it!)

“Whatever the Almighty placed in your hand, gift, talent, time, money, car, etc use it for Him in order to have more from Him."
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