TEXT: JOHN 9:1-9

It is understandable if a man cannot see well at a very good old age, but it is absurd and improper for a young man to become blind early in life. It is totally wrong and undesirable if a man cannot see his vision, his purpose and has no plan for life. In this passage, we saw a case of a man who was born blind. Unto this family, a man was born with no purpose in life; he was blind from the womb. He had no control over life; his world has been shutdown and can never be reckoned with so far s/he is blind. Many people today live their lives as if they were born blind, you asked where are you going, they tell I want to become this or that. If you probe further to hear what plan do they have for themselves, they cannot tell you in clear terms, only that they know where they are going, but do not know the road to their destination, they are blind from the womb, blind to opportunities and possibilities and they will soon go early to the tomb with their blindness, if they did not affect other people with Achromatopsia, a rare, inherited vision disorder in which a person has little or no ability to see color. People with achromatopsia also commonly experience some vision loss, especially in bright light, to which they are extremely sensitive.

Jesus’ disciples asked Him, this man that is moving forward with no progress, is it his fault or that of his parents? A man who does not know where he is going will be ignored for life, no man will ever want to associate with him. Whose fault? Before you blame anyone or curse your background, let me lay the blame solely on your door steps, it is purely your fault. You caused it, you allowed it and you want it that way; if not, you would have done something about it. When you have no eyes, you have no family support and no friends to carry you; don’t you have mouth to cry unto God, don’t you know that God is a Sovereign God and can use any situation to His glory? You are in that position because you first fail to recognise it, you are in that state of mind because you did not see clearly and you are in that position because you have a misplaced priority. You thought you need the world, but actually what you need is the Word. The world was made by the Word including you, so how come you think you can make it in the world without the Word?

Your level and state are to the glory of God, you are in that situation because God want to manifest His glory in your life, but you must recognize Him. You must SEE God clearly and rightly. If you come to Jesus today He will not only repair your life, He will give you a brand NEW life. Verily, verily, I say unto you today, you must be born again. You might be born blind, in iniquities, but Someone who will give birth to you in a new way, in Spirit and with Water is right in front of you knocking at the door of your heart. He spat on the ground to make clay and anointed the blind man eyes, but He asked him to go and wash. You need a washing, whatever state you are, you must be washed in blood of Jesus Christ, you need a new name, a new identity. You need light; Jesus is the light that lights all men who comes to the world. Therefore, if you receive this light, and as long as you are in the world, you are the light to all men. Others may doubt your new identity, but you will surely know and confirm to them indeed, that I am he.

Word Affirmation: "As long as I am in the world, I am the light of the world." - John 9:5 (Don't just say it, mean it!)

“A man who does not know where he is going will be ignored for life."
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