Many times what holds us back from getting to our desired destination is not our waiting but our holding off. Waiting is to hold on while holding off is to postpone, cancel or stop an action. Hold on means to maintain a condition or position, to persist, to await something desired or requested. Has God promised you something? What is it that delays you to move on? As believers, we should be men and women of actions, ready to fulfill God’s promises without hesitation. Are you on the way to fulfilling the promises of God and it looks like all hell is let loose? Go forward; move on, you are never alone. The Israelites were held back by their thoughts in the land of Egypt, suffering unnecessarily, until they were ready to move on. After their escape from Egypt, they camped in the wilderness until God instructed Moses to inform them to go forward. God is always ahead. Therefore, His children also need to think and act ahead.

Remember, God was with the Israelites in the wilderness, a confused place, but that’s not where He is taking them to. A man who understands the working of God will always be on his toes, his prayer will be, “Lord, what do you want me doing?” All those who moved forward in the Bible experienced great miracles. Those who have the courage to go forward have left those who heard God’s promises behind. Imagine, the Israelites were already in the wilderness, far and beyond Egypt but they were overtaken by Pharaoh and his armies. Did the Israelites loss the presence of God? No! Why were they overtaken? It is because of their waiting too long on a spot. Beware of success, victory in life. Successes bring relaxes mood and if care is not taking, that is when a lot of things can overtake one’s life.

Has God also built your capacity? What is keeping you back to deplore it? Oh! You are still waiting for God. No way! The work is as far as you can see. Keep taking over territories. Whatever God has given unto you, keep using it. Gideon was a mighty man, of valour for that matter, but he was at the threshing floor been floored by life’s condition. He could not think strait because he had stayed too long on this other side of life. What are your excuses? Why are you not moving forward? Is it money, tiredness, timidity, fear, background or discouragement? What? Nothing should hold you back; you are a child of God. His word to you is to go forward. Go forward dearest and never look at what is behind you. Never mind the Devil, rather mind God, millions of years to come, your God is already there. Constantly focus on the goal, you will surely get there. God is going to fight your battle, so go forward. Your expectation shall never be cut off. Amen! It is forward ever, backward never.

Word Affirmation: “ The LORD shall fight for you, and ye shall hold your peace." - Exodus 14:14 (Don't just say it, mean it!)

“ A man who understands the working of God will always be on his toes. "